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My 2009 Language: Javascript

I try to learn a new programming language every year. Not necessarily to an expert level, but well enough to solve non-trivial problems with it. Last year's language was Groovy. The year before was Python. This year's language is (drum-roll please)...


You might be asking yourself, "Ben, how can you possibly not know Javascript? Shouldn't you have learned that like 10 years ago?"

Short answer, yes, I should have. 

The long answer is that although I have written and maintained a fair amount of Javascript in my career, I don't really feel that I understand it as well as I should. I don't know a lot of the libraries. I don't know a lot of eccentricities of the language (of which, there are many). In short, there's a lot to learn with Javascript, and I feel like I've only scratched the surface. 

Javascript may well be my language to learn in 2010 as well...there's a lot there I don't know. In any case, that's where I'll be focusing my attention in 2009.


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