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Google Alerts and RSS

Here's a problem I'm sure you face...too much web, not enough time. Even discounting the complete waste of time that is 90% of the web, there's still millions of interesting sites out there with lots of educational, insightful, and intellectually stimulating content. I just wish I had the time.

Actually, I do have the time. Every time I'm sitting there reading digg for the third time that day, I could be doing something actually useful. Problem is, I never have the interesting reading material at the exact moment when I could be consuming it. I could go looking for it, but it would be really great if it just came to me.

Guess what? It can! By setting up a Google alert RSS feed, I can create custom feeds from google searches. Tutorials on Python 3000? Yes, please. Old episodes of The Day The Universe Changed. Absolutely. Clips from The'd that get it there?!

Almost like Tivo swivel search, but for my feed reader. Me likely!