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Infinitest/InfiniJ 4 Released!

The new release of Infinitest is out, and it's better than ever. If you've never tried a continuous testing tool, download it today.

One of my favorite new features is what we're calling "Greehooks". Greenhooks are shell commands or scripts that can be executed whenever your tests go green. They have a 1001 uses, but one of my favorites is this one:

CHANGE_COUNT=`svn up | grep -c '.*'`
if [ $CHANGE_COUNT -gt 1 ]; then
    /Users/bjrady/Scripts/growl "Incoming changes"

Can you guess what this does? (Expand for answer)

That's right. It pulls changes from subversion and then notifies me. When using this greenhook, I integrate changes on every green bar...whether I want to or not. I've been using this for the last two weeks or so and the experience has been liberating. I've been checking in more often, and I don't spend as much time resolving subversion conflicts as a result.

(Note: the growl script in this greenhook can be obtained here)

So if you haven't tried using Infinitest, download it today. Write you own greenhook and, if you like it, post it here!


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